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Welcome to Sagamiya

Thank you for visiting us all the time. We, Sagamiya, locate at centre of Tokyo and have started business since 1886.

In this Hanzomon area, thanks to the Imperial Palace, British Embassy and some other historical constructions, we are brimming with trees, sakura and historical and emotional atmosphere. We are happy to be here over 130 years.

We keep a rich assortment of sake, shochu, whisky and wine from all over the world.

・Choosing the sake for the present of your father.
・Watching the whisky to change your mood after a busy day.
・Finding the wine with the label of drawing of church you saw at Toscana before.

For all the occasion and always, we would like to provide the best quality liquor to you. And we try to provide the good space where you will not only find the liquor but also relax yourself and think about your dream and memories.


We, Sagamiya, work all the time based on our policies below and we hope that “trust” become our brand image in the future.

  • 右から3人目が2代目秋山平一郎
  • 店内
1.	To become trustworthy partner of our customer.

We would like to introduce the best quality liquor, delivery on time and have hospitality to our customers all the time.

2.	To become specialist of liquor.

We would like to have deep knowledge of liquor and wide experience in this field. We believe you will have liquor at the special occasion, like on the New Years’day, your birthday, at wedding ceremony etc. At the same time you will have it at daily bases. So that it must be special, tasty and good for the health.
To provide good liquor, we taste them beforehand as many as possible. We meet the wine maker and brewer as often as possible. By telling the details of wine, the character of wine maker and concept of chateau itself, you will enjoy the wine more and more.

3.	To provide complete and flexible service to every customer.

We try to meet our customer request as much as possible. Our knowledgeable staff will select the particular liquor on your request. And our driver delivers your order on time. We try to provide complete service at anytime and to anybody.

Our Cellar

Did you know we have the great cellar at basement? When you go down the spiral staircase, whole variety of liquors is sitting full to overcrowding and waiting for you. So please feel free to visit our basement.
After 5:00 pm, you can choose and bring one of bottle to the upstairs counter. Find your favorite and enjoy it.

The charge for wine (750ml) , sake (720ml except 1800ml) and Others i.e. whisky, shochu etc. are ¥800.-

  • 酒蔵
  • 酒蔵


Our History

3代目秋山平三郎In 1886, our great-grand father, Heisuke, came up to Tokyo from Kanagawa prefecture (Isehara shi). He worked for the financier at that time and could open Sagamiyaheisukeshouten, named after his home and his own name (Sagami is the old name of Kanagawa prefecture at Edo era), here.
Our grand father, Heiichiro, the second generation, encountered the calamities to be burned down our shop twice in his lifetime. Firstly he suffered from an earthquake in 1923 and secondly the WWII in 1945. In spite of those disasters, he reopened Sagamiya and could build our business foundation. By his patience and honesty, he devoted himself to our business and could get customers reputation.
Our father, Heizaburou, the third generation, has been a man of enterprise and has developed his own business style. He opened food and liquor store at early 1970’s and left a good result. After running 20 years, again he developed the business in his own style, which is the liquor store with counter. That is our current shop, particularly, specialized in liquors, storing our national liquor sake and other liquors from all over the world. Since then (1991~ ), we keep this style.

Our Anecdote

When you visit our shop, please look up our shop wall outside. There are seven ants crawling on the wall.
Why are ants there?
Yes, the reason is because the ants are hard workers and know what is tasty. So our grand father, Heiichiro, looked at them very friendly way. Then our father, Heizaburo, made them crawl on the wall when our current building was newly built in 1991.



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